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Program FAQs

Hutchinson United Soccer Association (HUSA)


Program Goals

The Hutchinson United Soccer Association (HUSA) is a competitive soccer organization for all youth in the Community of Hutchinson and surrounding communities.  Our Mission is to promote participation of HUSA registered youth in organized soccer that is fun, healthy, and educational, in order to promote and develop the sport of soccer in these communities.  HUSA is a soccer organization affiliated with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA).  The MYSA was formed in 1969 as the state affiliate of the US Youth Soccer (USYS), the national governing body for youth soccer in the United States.  HUSA is a non-profit corporation operated by volunteers, with charitable status as a 501 (c) (3) organization.  Donations to HUSA are tax-exempt.

The HUSA programs promote the development of players with age/skill appropriate coaching.  Participating players in age groups from Ages U12 to U19 are organized into both Girls and Boys teams if possible.  The coaches for the teams are encouraged to participate in MYSA clinics or seek assistance as needed from the HUSA Director of Coaching and coaching manuals.  To complement the development of teams and players, a sufficient number of certified referees are recruited and coordinated as part of a referee development program.


The MYSA West Classic 3 Competitive Soccer Program

The Classic 3 Competitive program is designed to allow the competitive soccer players an opportunity to participate in MYSA sanctioned activities.  Competitive soccer is focused on providing players with the opportunity to play, emphasizing competitive play versus recreational play.  HUSA will be playing in the MYSA West C3 Soccer Program. Most all games will be within a 60 mile radius, playing teams against Orono, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, West Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Wright County, and Willmar.


HUSA Team Guidelines for Participation

Team Requirements

A team will be registered for MYSA participation only if a minimum of two (2) adult volunteers are available for team management and coaching.  These adult team representatives register with HUSA by filling out the Adult Registration/Disclosure and Consent Forms.  These forms are submitted to the MYSA State Risk Manager for purposes of conducting a background check.

A team will be formed and registered for MYSA participation only if a minimum of eleven (11) players are available to play in that team.... eight (8) players for the U12 program.  A player is placed in a team roster based on the player’s home residence and age.

HUSA will set a deadline for registrations of the minimum number of adults and players.  A team may not be registered or allowed to participate if the minimum number of registered volunteers and players is not reached by the deadline.  Registrations after the deadline will be charged a late registration fee.


Player Requirements

A player will be registered with HUSA/MYSA and assigned to play on one team.  Players must show proof of age by presenting the proper documentation.  Players must register by filling out the HUSA Player Registration and Medical Emergency/Informed Consent forms.  The forms must be submitted along with registrations fees.  After registration, players will be issued Player ID Passes.  

The registration fee per player is reviewed by HUSA for each season of play.  Registering players that need a uniform must pay and additional charge.

Players will be responsible for the following REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: shin guards, soccer shoes, and weather appropriate dress.  During practices and games, the following ITEMS are NOT ALLOWED: any jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, wristbands, bracelets), metallic hair clips and barrettes, and any other item that the referee considers dangerous.

Players are encouraged to bring a ball (labeled with name) to practices, and a water bottle to both games and practices.


Uniforms and Training Supplies

The HUSA Board selects the uniforms to be used by all the teams that it registers with MYSA.  Uniforms and uniform policies will be reviewed by HUSA on a yearly basis.

It is the policy of HUSA to provide adequate instruction during practices of its registered teams.  Supplies (pull-over shirts, cones, game balls, coach’s manual) are available for training, are HUSA property, and need to be returned after the end of the season.


Team Schedules

After team registration, an initial schedule of practices and games will be defined by mid April.  The HUSA Board will facilitate meetings and communications with team representatives to generate a Master Schedule of games. Rosters, ID passes, and finalized game schedules will be available at the end of April.
MYSA Classic 3 Competitive teams will play in the West “regional league” or against other C3 Competitive teams, and “friendly” games against MYSA Recreational Plus teams within a 60-mile radius.


Practices and Games

The number of practices per week will be communicated by coaches after teams are formed.  Coaches or a team representative will notify players if practice is cancelled due to bad weather.

Games will be played in bad weather (rain or snow), with exceptions to severe weather conditions.  A “Hotline” will be set up by the HUSA Board to announce game cancellations.  If uncertain, it is the responsibility of all participants to contact the team representatives (managers and coach).


Coaches and Team Managers

HUSA welcomes the participation of adult volunteers as coaches and team managers.  Any adult HUSA volunteer who has regular contact with players will be required to complete an Adult Registration/Disclosure and Consent Form.  These forms will be submitted to the MYSA State Risk Manager for purposes of conducting a background check.  HUSA will adhere to the MYSA Player/Adult Protection Guidelines.

HUSA will promote the development of coaches by encouraging participation in MYSA coaching clinics.  HUSA will allocate funding and support the advancement of selected volunteer coaches through licensing clinics on an annual basis.



All matches between MYSA sanctioned teams must be officiated by USSF registered referees with current certification.  Referees are compensated for their services according to a fee schedule set by the Referee Coordinator prior to the start of the season.  The referee may use club assistant referees (“club lines”) if certified officials are not available.  To complement team and player development efforts, the HUSA will recruit, and coordinate a sufficient number of USSF certified referees as part of a referee development program.  The HUSA will allocate funding and promote recruiting and certification of referees on an annual basis.


Funding and Fundraisers

As part of HUSA formation activities in 2004, a start-up grant was received from The I.J. Burich Family Foundation, a Minnesota Community Foundation.  Fundraising activities are defined and approved by the HUSA Board.  Activities may require collaboration from HUSA teams/participants.  HUSA donations (outside of registration fees) are tax-exempt as HUSA is a non-profit corporation with charitable status as a 501 (c) (3) organization.  

In the 2004 season, HUSA allocated funds to provide five teams with adequate training supplies.  In addition, some funds were used to support the development of two volunteer coaches sponsored for licensing in MYSA clinics (one D level, one E level).  With trained coaches, HUSA will support and promote age and skill appropriate instruction of players in HUSA teams.  HUSA will allocate funding, and support the advancement of selected volunteer coaches and referees through licensing/certification clinics on an annual basis.


Volunteers Welcome!!

Volunteers include coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, and positions in the HUSA Board and committees.  Volunteers will be essential to the success of the HUSA programs.  Lack of volunteers will restrict the formation of teams, and deny the spread and development of the sport of soccer in our communities.


Registration Procedure and Additional Information

Completed registration forms and appropriate fees (in check/cash) can be dropped off at the Hutchinson Recreation Center, 900 Harrington St. in Hutchinson.

Players from outlying communities (e.g. Litchfield, Glencoe, Cokato, Dassel, etc.) need to contact John McRaith (see below) to find out if an adult volunteer(s) from the community is interested in forming a team.  A team made of participants from the outlying community could be formed and registered for Classic 3 Competitive participation.  However, the team will form only if a minimum of two adult volunteers (for coaching and team management), and eleven (11) players are available for registration in that team.... eight (8) players for the U12 program.

For additional information and registration forms, please contact the Hutchinson Department of Parks & Recreation / Community Education, John McRaith, at (320) 234-5636 or any of the HUSA Board Members.  The following is a list of the current Board Members and Coaches, and their contact information:



President            - Michael Jacobsen   320-583-4643 -  michael.jacobsen18@gmail.com
Vice Pres            - Dave Wollan            320-583-2385 - davidw@Faithlc.com
Secretary           - Carrie Schmitz         320-455-0142  -  jandcschmitz@mediacombb.net
Treasurer           - Sarah Young            320-237-1687  -  nasayoung2002@gmail.com
Club Admin.       - Michael Jacobsen    320-583-4643  -  michael.jacobsen18@gmail.com
Coaching Dir.     - Richard Appleby      319-491-1610  -  coachappleby@gmail.com
Rec. Dir.            - John McRaith           320-587-2975  -  jmcraith@ci.hutchinson.mn.us
Field Assign.     - AJ Forcier                 320-583-4188  -  AJForcier@gmail.com
Referee Assign -  none









Useful Internet Links

The following are web links with additional information:
MYSA site: www.mnyouthsoccer.org
USSF MN site: www.mnsra.com